White noise/ weißes Rauschen

2015, cc-print


In the project "white noise" I try to investigate the process of remembrance. There are no scientific parameters of it, so the only way to approximate, is, to avail oneself of metaphors. Here I compare the process of remembrance with the visual (and acoustic) phenomenon of electrostatic noise.

All sensual experiences are saved in our brain, but there are several fault-zones, which prevent to recall them without a loss. Fault-zones can be physical and mental condition, prioritisation and interpretation. Depending on our instant situation, our brain is able to eject memories in a specific shape, which are useful right now. In other words: we are unconsciously manipulated by our own brain aiming at self-preservation.

In this work images appear and disappear on a screen of white noise. The motives are very unclear, so the amount of interpretation is quite high. The visitor might be triggered and associate the pictures with their own memories. He also may diversify his point of view to identify the image, like memories change their shapes with a temporal distance.

For this project I used film stills and mixed them with own photographs to build a serial of pictures with high associative impact.


Grau-Werte, Schwabmünchen 2016