9 drawings, 2016 - 2017

Urban landscapes/ urbane Landschaft, 2011, cyanotype on brown paper, 8 pieces, 24 x 40 cm each


the gap / der Spalt/2017/ blue ink on paper/ 6 pieces, 21 x 30 cm each

Feeling blue today, 2011, cyanotype on inlett, 8 pieces, 20 x 30 cm each


birds II, 2012, paperplate-lithography series, 5 pieces, 20 x 30 cm each


Drum Bun (have a good journey), 2012, 7 pieces, collage, photographs, acryl, wax on paper, 30 x 42 cm each

What is memory? It is nothing other than a data pool, which can neither raise a claim for impartiality, nor for totality, nor even for truth. It is not always available, too. To remember is therefore a creative process, which has to be interpreted on and on again, and therefore changing.

The spatial installation shows seven sheets of paper hanging down the roof. The technique is representing the process of memory. Every draft - by visitors - makes them rotating around their axis, so the view is permanently changing, and at the same time not always available.

Ulrich und Ännchen (inspired by Johann Gottfried Herder), 2014, Comic



the leporello project, 2015, collaboration project with Antje Fischer

birds I, 2012, paperplate-lithography, 7 pieces, 30 x 20 cm each


Mothers and Sons/ Mütter und Söhne, 2015

365 pieces, collage, mixed media on postcard


There is a special relationship between a mother and her son - that's what people say. Many societies consider male descendants as more valuable than female. In the year 2015  I worked every day on one postcard of my own collection, mostly images of mother Mary and Jesus. At the end I created 365 collages about motherhood and childhood.

This was a one-year-project, accompanied by the artists Antje Fischer and Marlies Achermann-Gisinger.